Sep 8, 2011

smitten wanderer

I used to think a lot how I got bitten by the travel bug. Looking back, I knew that our parents have influenced me to appreciate what the world had to offer by letting me join them in their work assignments around Bicol. But what really ignited my passion for traveling was my 2006 DIY Palawan adventure with my siblings, Lilay and Kuya Don. It was such a memorable Christmas break to be able to travel as the locals do and to bring gifts to the children of Saint Ezekiel Moreno Parish Macarascas in Puerto Princesa.

Traveling and volunteering are two of my passions in life and this is what I will share with you as I once again start my own blog. Wanderful Heart will not only serve as a vehicle to share my DIY itineraries, detailed budgets, travel ideas and experiences but will also highlight my passion for volunteering.

Join me as I seek to live a life that I don't need to escape from.

Inspired to blog again,

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