Sep 8, 2011

webfind wednesdays: DIY Beijing

I know today is Thursday but I am just really excited to share how our DIY Beijing tour was made possible :)

Because of the language barrier, traveling around Beijing could be confusing and exhausting especially if you are only armed with a map. Luckily I chanced upon two very informative websites that made our 4-day DIY Beijing itinerary doable.

This site contains extensive information on Beijing's tourist attractions. Information includes operating hours, fees, maps, subway and bus instructions as well as dining, shopping, and travel tips. It even has a separate tab for a DIY Beijing tour depending on your travel duration.

But what's even greater is Travel China Guide has printable subway and bus instructions in Chinese translation!
Planning for our trip was very easy because of this webfind :)

Now, to actually travel around Beijing using the subway system, we used this interactive website to guide us on the transfers and stops. With a flat rate fare of CNY2 per trip to any destination, traveling around Beijing was fairly cheap. Good thing our hotel was located in front of the Beijing Subway Station which made our DIY trip easy-breezy <3

'til my next DIY trip,


  1. ni-hao..

    wo ser te i !!!

    -kuya jojo

    congrats sa blogsite.. i'm proud of you!

  2. salamat kuya! :)

    sana makapagbakasyon ako sa naga ng matagal para maka-jam ko ulit kamo :p