Dec 15, 2011

Soloista sa Vigan

When I started traveling in 2005 I always travel with a buddy or a group. I've long envy those travelers who wander alone more so for woman solo traveler like Gael and Izah. I really wanted to experience it for myself and I got to do so for the first time (and hopefully not the last) in Vigan last September 2008.

It was accidental actually and I was alone only for a day. I was supposed to travel with my twin and her friend but because of workload I was not able to join them in the first leg of our itinerary. Hence, an impromptu solo trip :)

I am happy that I was able to have this solo travel in Vigan since it was tourist friendly, safe and can be toured within a day.

Here are some of the highs and lows of that trip:

- Traveling at my own pace resulted to more good photographs
- I got to choose my own IT (I rented a kalesa to see all the sights)
- I had more time appreciating the place and more time hearing my own thoughts
- I was more adventurous and got out of my comfort zone--talking to strangers, walking alone, taking photographs at odd angles, etc.

- Pinoys are still not open to the idea of a solo woman traveler. Bystanders stared at me while some gave shout outs
- I didn't have a tripod and remote that time so I have no self portraits ;)

Overall, it was a successful solo trip and I am hoping I can do it again in the near future.

Dreaming of a solo trip,


  1. love the jars photo by the way!

  2. traveling solo is really scary but when you go for it, that's a key to what makes you happy.It's an achievement.