Sep 21, 2011

webfind wednesday: UN Volunteers

I discovered this website in 2007. I wanted to do something more with my idle time but don’t want to follow a particular schedule to volunteer.  Thus, discovering was a blessing for me. I was once an English-Filipino translator for a website designed for community-based entrepreneurs. The real challenge was to find the right Filipino translation for accounting and business terms! It was fun and I learned a lot from it.

The list of volunteer opportunities is varied and the beneficiaries are located worldwide. You can be a webpage designer for mothers in Cambodia or a volunteer coordinator for an NGO located in Honduras. Chances are you’ll find something that suits you.

What I like about this site is that volunteers need to apply for a volunteer position just like when you are applying for a paid job. For each volunteer position, information on the volunteer work, qualifications needed and required hours are posted. There are also essay questions you need to answer once you apply. I like it this way because your dedication to help is tested.

UN Online Volunteering is also open to organizations in need of help. NGOs and foundations can join and seek for volunteers that can help them. This matching of skills and needs is truly amazing.

Why not sign up?

Inspired volunteer,


  1. Oh thanks so much to this post! I'd love to volunteer someday (when the little one won't require too much of my time anymore). I might find something for me here!

  2. NP Gay! I'm a fan of Pinay Travel Junkie! Your comment means a lot :)