Sep 14, 2011

webfind wednesdays: SITMo


The most wonderful travel adventures I experienced where with SITMo. Save the Ifugao Terraces Movement is a non-profit organization composed of federations and networks of people’s organizations, individuals, business and social institutions implementing social development in their region. One of their projects is organizing eco-tours based on the rice planting cycle of Ifugao.

I chanced upon SITMo in 2007 through a yahoo group. Their rice planting eco-tour, Tunod Ad Hungduan, caught my attention because it was organized with the help of the local community. We had the opportunity to mingle with the community through the socials night, shared meals prepared by the locals and an option to stay in their home. There are 5 eco-tours done by SITMo namely Lodah, Tunod, Tagtag/Hulin, Botok/Pfoto and Bakle which aims to promote the importance of the rice terraces in their lives.

I fell in love with Ifugao after my 2007 Tunod tour, which translated to more visits in this majestic place. In 2008, I visited Ifugao 5 times where I witnessed Gotad Ad Kiangan and saw the 4 of 5 rice terraces included in UNESCO – Kiangan, Banaue, Bangaan and Mayoyao (visited Batad in 2010). One can never go wrong walking along the rice paddies of Ifugao. Their culture is rich, the terraces are amazing and the people are beautiful inside and out.

Ah, I wish I can visit this wonderful place soon and finish all the rice planting eco-tours. Want to come with me?

Missing the mountains,

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